Amanda Holden and Ashley Roberts Fighting the Strong Wind

Amanda Holden and Ashley Roberts Fighting the Strong Wind

While Amanda Holden and Ashley Roberts were leaving the Heart Radio offices on Wednesday, they had to deal with a strong wind. When Storm Ciaran got close, the weather became hard to predict.

Heart Radio Duo in Style

Amanda Holden Hair Is Sky-High

As Amanda Holden, 52, left the Heart FM offices, the wind took her off guard. She is a judge on Britain’s Got Talent. Her hair stood straight up toward the sky, as if it didn’t care about gravity. She managed a forced smile while admitting that there wasn’t much she could do, even though the weather was absolutely terrifying.

It was all gray on her, and the only things that broke up the sleek look were her black bag and sunglasses with black frames.

The Subdued Style of Ashley Roberts

Ashley Roberts, Amanda’s co-host and a 42-year-old former Pussycat Doll, also wore a simple style. She wore a thin, light brown sweater with pants and a white bag to go with it.

Amanda Holden and Ashley Roberts Fighting the Strong Wind

Highlights in fashion

Amanda Holden Beautiful Outfit

The beautiful cross-over long-sleeved knit top Amanda wore with her knee-length faux leather skirt gave her an air of class. She wore knee-high boots and a big coat that she wore over her shoulders in a stylish way to finish off her look.

Ashley’s Pants with a High Waist

Ashley looked stylish in her high-waisted pants because she didn’t wear a belt. There were two big pockets on each side of her leg, and her pants fell smoothly over her bare high heels. We added a pair of thin-framed sunglasses to finish off her look.

Amanda Holden: People who host Heart Radio

The Amanda Holden Show in the morning

Amanda and Ashley are both well-known Heart Radio hosts. Amanda and Jamie Theakston are co-hosts of the breakfast show. One of the most-watched shows on the station is theirs.

Heart of the ’00s with Ashley

Ashley, on the other hand, has her own Heart Radio show where she plays party songs from the 2000s. The singer has a dedicated fan base for her singing work.

Ashley’s Reporting on Show Business

Ashley is also a star writer on Heart Breakfast, where she brings you the latest stories about celebrities and entertainment.

Enjoy Halloween with the Scooby-Doo Gang

Fans were thrilled when the powerful trio dressed up as famous Scooby-Doo figures for Halloween. They dressed up as Velma, Shaggy, and Daphne to celebrate the holiday spirit of having fun and being silly. Their fun, creative outfits showed how much they love getting dressed up and having fun.

Amanda and Ashley continued to shine as the popular co-hosts of Heart Radio, even when the wind blew their stylish clothes and hair around. They handled everything with grace and style, from parties with crazy themes to unpredictable weather.